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Commercial TVs: Product Overview Guide

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Who is

We are the premier marketplace for the Outdoor TV industry with the largest selection of Outdoor TVs in the nation. We sell every major manufacturer of Outdoor TVs including SunBrite, Pantel, and Mirage.

Why not use an Indoor TV outside?

  • Life Expectancy: Average fail rate of an indoor TV placed outdoors is 50% within 6 months
  • Safety: Potential risks include electrical and fire hazards when exposed to natural elements
  • Performance: Units have not been adjusted to compensate for the sun’s glare and reflections
  • Convenience: No need to take down or bring inside, can leave outside permanently 24/7/365

Why Choose an Outdoor TV?

  • Weather-Resistance Features: Endures rain, snow, humidity, dry heat, dust, and pollen
  • Withstands outdoor temperature ranges from -24oF to 122oF
  • An internal temperature regulation system protects TV components
  • Temperature regulation system includes a thermostat and a series of fans to maintain internal TV temperature
  • An external aluminum casing resists rusting
  • Internal components are silicone sealed to endure changes in weather conditions
  • Recessed rear inputs limit exposure to moisture
  • Salt air filtration system protects the TV from salt water air

Brightness Control Features:

  • Screen is up to two times as bright as typical indoor TVs
  • Anti-reflective glass reduces sunlight glare

Technological Features:

  • HDTV is 720p for the 20”and 32” or 1080p for the 42”, 52”, and 65”
  • TVs are available in 20”, 32”, 42”, 46”, 52” and 65”
  • Accessories available: tabletop, floor, and wall mounting stands
  • TVs available with 3-D viewing and Wi-Fi capabilities

Commercial Applications using Outdoor TVs:

  • Stadiums
  • Theme Parks
  • Hotels
  • Bars
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