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Outdoor TV Safety Issues

Indoor TVs are not made to be compatible with the outdoor elements, such as rain, wind, sun, etc. and therefore are susceptible to malfunction as a result of any of these elements that Mother Earth has to offe

Superbowl Party: Putting a LCD TV Outdoors

SuperbowlIt’s February, and your favorite football team made it to the Super Bowl. You want to throw the Super Bowl party of the

SunBrite TVs: Building from Scratch

SunBrite_TVOutdoor TV Time is a registered retailer of SunBrite Outdoor TVs.  SunBrite was founded in 2004

Outdoor TV LED vs LCD

Outdoor TV Time offers both HD LCD and LED TVs. Both technologies offer a sharp, crisp, and excellent picture quality, but there are nuances buyers must be aware that slightly differentiate the two offerings.<

Satellite TV for Boat: Ultimate Guide

TV-On-BoatIs there such thing as a Satellite TV for your boat? What about weatherproof TVs?? Yes! Outdoor TV Time’s weatherproof

Mirage Outdoor TVs: Their Secret

Mirage_Outdoor_TVOutdoor TV Time is a registered retailer of Mirage Outdoor TVs.  Mirage was founded in 2004 and manuf