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Building a Waterproof TV Enclosure

Outdoor_TV_CafeThis sounds like a great idea: take my indoor TV and build a waterproof TV enclosure so that it becomes a permanent outdoor television! Well, not so fast! This can be extremely dangerous. 

Indoor TVs are not designed to be placed outside! There could be huge electrical hazard risks for your friends and family if any indoor TV is used in wet outdoor environments.  Outdoor TVs are designed from the ground up with safety as a top priority.  Outdoor TVs are designed for safe operation in a permanent outdoor environment.

Outside of safety risks there are other important benefits to consider, including performance, life expectancy, warranty, and convenience.


Outdoor TV benefits include:

  • The Outdoor TV extra bright screens are integrated into an all-weather exterior that protects the internal components from rain, direct sunlight, insects and scratches.
  • A proprietary airflow system keeps the units cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees!
  • Internally built thermostatically controlled heaters protects TVs in temperatures as low as negative 24 degrees.
  • Anti-reflective window reduces glare, increases contrast and protects the screens
  • Internal coating protects electrical comments from moisture, humidity, bugs, and dust

Check out the battle between indoor vs. outdoor TVs if you are interesting in learning more. Outdoor TV Time is the largest retailer of Outdoor TV’s, if you have any questions please email us or give us a call.

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