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Satellite TV for Boat: Ultimate Guide

TV-On-BoatIs there such thing as a Satellite TV for your boat? What about weatherproof TVs?? Yes! Outdoor TV Time’s weatherproof TVs are perfect for installing on boats. The LCD outdoor TVs can withstand rain, salt water, and extreme temperatures.

You are already enjoying the luxury of the boat, so why not make it even better by adding on these outdoor flat screen TVs? You are basking in the sun but don’t want to miss the game. Now you can enjoy both without leaving your deck. When it is not boat season, put on the cover for the Outdoor TV to keep out the dust and leave with confidence you’re TV will be ready to go next trip! Then when you are ready to anchor up, enjoy your outdoor HD TV once again without worrying about getting it wet or exposing it to the sun. Outdoor TVs make it possible to have it all right on your deck.


Once you have the best Outdoor TV, one of the biggest headaches for boaters if finding the right boat TV antennas. If you are putting a TV on a boat you will likely run into some of the same problems at using a TV for Tailgating. We recommend using a HD antenna designed for satellite TV viewing:

VuQube VQ2000 Portable Satellite Antenna

Winegard Portable Satellite Antenna

The secret for boating is in the technology. Our Outdoor TVs have a built-in salt air filtration system protecting the TV from salt water air. Since the mid-1990s, improvements in satellite technology have made it possible for satellite-based services (like DirecTV or Dish) to be installed when you cruise. Through a satellite antenna, you can receive services onboard your boat almost anywhere you travel.

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