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Uses for Weatherproof TVs

Outdoor-TV-PicThere are some really cool uses for Outdoor TV Time’s weatherproof LCD TVs. To stay on-top of the latest and greatest, check out our Facebook fan page to see some really interesting customer-submitted Outdoor ideas.

The Outdoor TV market is a new and rapidly growing market that provides home theatre-quality viewing in your outdoor environment.  No longer will you miss the football game while grilling outside!

Popular residential uses for Outdoor TVs include Pools, Outdoor Kitchens, hot tubs, boats, and cabanas.  There are countless social gatherings that make this a useful and entertaining addition: family BBQ’s, Tailgating, Super Bowls, pool parties, and the list goes on and on.  The TVs also include a wide range of wall mounts, as well as a stand-alone pole mounts that can be similarly bolted to a pool deck or outdoor patio.


On the commercial front there are both performance and convenience factors for using Outdoor TVs in Hotels, Bars, Golf Courses, Theme Parks and Stadiums.  Due to unpredictable changes in weather, outdoor commercial entertainment use can be a concerning and expensive project, but here lies the solution…a weatherproof TV.  Golf Courses, Stadiums, Outside Malls, Bars, and Hotels can now entertain while increasing their image and prestige to their customer.

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