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Indoor vs. Outdoor TVs

TV_WaterproofI’m sure the thought has gone through your head: why don’t you just take an indoor TV, put some duct-tape on it and throw it outside? Well it’s not that easy.   Comparing all-weather outdoor TVs to indoor TVs is like comparing apples to oranges. Let’s break these down more below.

1. Safety Should Be #1

Safety first and there are huge risks when using an indoor TV outside. Indoor TV's have an electrical hazard risk if used in any wet outdoor environment, while Outdoor TVs are designed for all weather: watertight enclosures to protect against rain, direct, insects and scratches.  Outdoor TVs are designed for safe operation in a permanent outdoor environment and all electrical cords are rated for outdoor use.

2. Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of an Outdoor TV will far exceed that of an Indoor TV used in an outdoor environment where bugs, humidity, cold temperatures, and condensation will quickly eat away at traditional indoor TVs. Outdoor TV's are built with internal thermostatically controlled heaters that activate automatically to protect the Outdoor TV in extreme external temperatures while at the same time controlling humidity and condensation.

3. Performance

Indoor TVs are not built with the proper settings to be used in outdoor lighting conditions.  The average Indoor LCD TV ranges from 350-450 nits of brightness, making picture quality very dark.  Outdoor TVs are brighter than standard LCD TVs. For better outdoor viewing, brightness is usually set to 600 nits.  In front of the screen is a built-in contrast-enhancing, anti-reflective and scratch resistant window protecting the TV screen from rain, direct, and other elements.  Operating temperatures for Outdoor TVs run between 24 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Convenience

Outdoor TVs are usually installed permanently outdoors, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all year around. There is no need to bring your Outdoor TV inside to protect against extreme temperature or inclement weather – they are built for this!

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