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Outdoor TVs: Withstanding Harsh Weather

Outdoor_TV_WetOutdoor TV manufacturers have spent every angle looking at engineering these products to withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions imaginable.  Not only are performance and life expectancy taken into account, but buyers should also consider safety and convenience of using an outdoor TV.

Outdoor TVs are designed for permanent installation, so there is no need to worry about rain downpours, snow storms, or heat waves.  Outdoor TVs are built with internally controlled heaters and airflow systems to keep the internal TV cool and dry in the hottest (+122 degrees) and coldest (-24 degrees) of temperatures.  All cables are sealed watertight to keep the connections safe and dry.

From the ground up Outdoor TVs are built for the long haul.  These durable Outdoor TVs are designed with an all-weather exterior that protects the TV from the most extreme weather environments. The exterior window built into the exterior guards protects the screens from scratches and cracks. 

The Outdoor TVs filtered system keeps out dust and insects, and keeps the internal electronic system cool for a long life expectancy.  Internal components are then silicone sealed to endure severe changes in weather conditions.

All TVs sold on Outdoor TV Time are backed with at least a one-year in-factory parts and labor limited warranty for residential applications.  

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