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Weatherproof TVs Explained

Weatherproof TVs are an all-weather, permanent outdoor solution used to enjoy home-theatre quality viewing in your outdoor environment. Weatherproof TVs are built from the ground-up for permanent outdoor installation; they are designed to withstand rain downpours, snow storms, heat waves, etc. and the list goes on. 

Weatherproof TVs (aka Outdoor TVs) in their simplest form look and feel like traditional indoor TVs but have been modified for permanent outdoor use.   Often times, users will try putting an indoor TV outside, but there are huge risks including:  

  • Safety Issues: Getting an indoor TV wet can be very dangerous
  • Life Expectancy: humidity and bugs will ruin an indoor TV quickly
  • Performance: Indoor TVs are not equipped to deal with outside lighting
  • Convenience: Do not have to bring Outdoor TVs inside since they are built for storms and harsh weather conditions

Weatherproof TVs are built with a protective casing that has a built-in internally controlled heater and airflow system to keep the internal TV cool and dry in severe weather conditions. Since the TV's are in an enclosed casing, they are built with filtering systems to keep out dust and insects.

There are hundreds of available applications for the Outdoor TV, but typical residential uses include Outdoor TVs around pools, outdoor kitchens, boats, hot tubs, and cabanas.  Whether you are planning your next family BBQ or hosting a Super Bowl party, Outdoor TV Time has the largest selection of TV's and will help you find the right Outdoor TV for you!

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