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We have put the most important and essential facts and information about Outdoor TVs in our 'Outdoor TV Time' Buying GUIDE for you to download immediately...


Inside this 22-page PDF report you'll learn about:

Outdoor TV Buyers Guide

Outdoor TV Buyers Guide

The 5 quick steps for purchasing an Outdoor TV, securely and confidently

Did you know it is best not to install TVs in direct sunlight? Instead, use the manufacturer's articulating wall mount to maintain flexibility in positioning and avoid exposing the screen to direct sunlight.

The biggest manufacturers of weatherized TVs, and which one you should buy

Hint: Sunbrite and Mirage Vision. Model and price comparison chart available. Find more in our guide on page 3 and on page 14.

Outdoor vs. Indoor TVs: safety issues, Life expectancy, performance & convenience facts

Did you know Indoor TVs are not equipped to deal with outside lighting?
Did you know that humidity and bugs will ruin an indoor TV quickly?

Outdoor TV optimal installation tips and recommendations

Example: for optimal viewing, install outdoor TVs in the shade.

LCD vs. LED facts

Did you know that both technologies offer a crisp and excellent picture quality? While LCD TVs are no slouch on color accuracy, compared to an LED TV, the latter offers deeper blacks and better contrasts.

You'll learn this and much, much more in our "Outdoor TV Time" Buying GUIDE.

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Outdoor TV Buyers Guide Outdoor TV Buyers Guide